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"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success." - Henry Ford

At Conformity, we help you build the perfect essay to make your application stand out in today’s highly competitive admission process. The personal statement plays an extremely important role for an admission committee to get acquainted with an applicant without actually meeting him/her.  While academic and extracurricular credentials are very impersonal, the facts you tell in an essay are completely personal. Moreover, many share the same test score and/or GPA, but no two people will write the exact same essay. This makes it a perfect way for you to set yourself apart.

We understand the vital role a personal statement plays and are dedicated to help you maximise your chances at your choice of school or program. We are committed to helping you write to the best of your ability. We do not take ownership of writing essays, instead collaborate and work with you towards the goal.

We take pride in our skills and experience while being focussed on helping you accomplish your goal. We are a small team having over 20 years of combined experience with the admission process and much more with English writing/editing. What sets us apart is that majority of our members have themselves gone through the graduate admission process and experienced what it takes to secure an admission. You can consider us to be a network of professionals, holding graduate degrees from highly reputed universities in USA, working alongside language experts to help students interested in pursuing courses at international universities.

The organisation is based out of New Delhi, India and offers services to people across the globe.

Essay Review

Why Us?

- Extensive experience in Essay Writing and Reviewing.
- In-depth knowledge of the admission process.
- Highest writing standards observed when reviewing or editing content.
- Finest custom essays as per your needs.
- Perfect balance between affordable prices and quality writing.
- Services backed with a conditional money-back guarantee.

Above all, we believe that client satisfaction is paramount and dedicate all efforts to achieve the same. Client’s success is our success.

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A dedicated and personalised service for undergraduate and graduate school students and aspirants as well as working professionals.

Essay / SOP Formulation

Personal statement, a part of your application documentation, plays vital role in differentiating you from other prospective candidates. It requires lot of thought and skill to get the essay right. This is a collaborative effort where applicant provides inputs in the form of an initial draft and then our experts start to improve upon it. This involves checking grammar, word choice and spelling, reorganising or rewriting passages that require revision. It typically takes 2 or more iterations after the initial draft, to reach that final admission essay/statement. 

- Essay Package: build an essay or personal statement in accordance with university’s admission requirements. 

- School Package: for applications requiring more than one essay. 

Resume Preparation

A neat document expressing your strengths and professional qualifications is extremely valuable in getting your career on track. Even a slight typo or mistake in spelling, punctuation, grammar, or format could hamper your chances of progress. Our expert team has perfected the art of resume writing/editing to provide you with a professional tool that gets results. 

- We strive to make the resume reflect how perfect and suitable you are for the position. 

- We format the resume to be in line with latest industry standards and to your specific requirements. 

- We proofread and edit every aspect of the resume, and make sure to correct any spelling, grammar or punctuation errors. 

- We collaborate with you to ensure that your strongest assets have been well placed to your best advantage.  

Recommendation Letter Review

Letter of Recommendation (LOR) is used by the Adcom (Admission Committee) to judge the type of person you are, how well you interact with others, how good/bad are your communication skills, what qualities you demonstrate when working with others and so on. You should be able to find a description of your personal characteristics and overall attitude to explain to the admissions people why you would be a great addition to their institution. The best letters are from people who have spent some time with you and gotten to know you well. 

- We help you write the LOR or review/edit it if provided by your recommender. 

- We collaborate with you to ensure that your characteristics and qualities are well illustrated in the LOR. 

General Proofreading and Editing              

Good proofreading makes the difference between fine and poor writing. Even the shortest/simplest papers require proofreading to eliminate all inaccuracies and mistakes. 

- We help identify and resolve typos, misspelled words, punctuation and other mistakes.  

- We ensure that content and presentation of your work is top grade.

- We revise the language to make it seem more formal and improve sentence structure.  

- Please note that proofreading does not involve any additional research or writing. 

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How it Works

Send us the initial version of your admission essay, personal statement, or scholarship essay. We will take on the task of ensuring your essay uses correct grammar, punctuation and style; so that you can concentrate on the central question without worrying too much about the language. With a team of professional editors at your disposal, you can surely turn out a well polished and sincere statement truly reflective of you and your accomplishments. 

- Get in touch with us through mediums given in the Contact Us section of this website. 

- Please try to provide as much information as possible about your requirements and goals. 

- We would then respond to you using your preferred communication method and discuss details of how we can help you to accomplish your goal. 

- Once you decide to use our services, we shall start working on essays and/or parts of your requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you provide admission consulting which includes university shortlisting, essay, LOR, resume etc?
We understand that there are consultants out there providing a complete solution from university shortlisting to submitting your application. However, experience has made us realise that if you are willing to put some effort, preparation and submission of the application is a pretty straight-forward process. You might need some help writing personal statements (or LOR, resume) but university shortlisting and online submissions is no rocket science. Therefore, we focus on the main issue of writing essays/statements. At the same time we are willing to guide you on the other aspects of the admission process (university selection, exam preparation, online submissions etc), without any separate charges. 

2. Why should I write the initial draft if I am paying you for the essay? 
The “personal” statement is an extremely important piece of the application, describing your life’s journey so far along with your goals and objectives. We believe that nobody but you yourself are the best person to write it. We are committed to helping you write to the best of your ability. We do not take ownership of writing essays, instead collaborate and work with you towards that perfect essay. 

3. You’re asking me to write the initial version, but I have no clue of what goes in it or how to write it! 
No problem. Absolutely no need to panic. Remember, we are here to help! Our experts have created a set of questions which you can answer and further use to write the essay. We would share these and more resources with you as part of our engagement. 

4. How long it takes to finalise an essay, how many to/fro iterations does it need? 
We commit our best efforts to deliver high quality responses in minimum time. However, we are unable to provide a hard timeline when it comes to essay writing. It is a collaborative effort which might take 2 to 4 iterations to reach a consensus. This could span 2 to 3 weeks depending upon how prompt the exchanges are. Please note we start the clock after receiving the initial draft from you. 

5. Can I get one essay/statement prepared and then use it in different applications? 
Of course, you most definitely can do so. You are the owner of the essay, so you’re free to use in as many applications as you wish. We are willing to guide you on this, just ask (again, no extra charges). 

6. Do you offer a package where all services (essay, LOR, resume) are included? 
Yes, you need not buy all services individually. We offer university based packages where you specify the target university and we help prepare for all it’s requirements. 

7. I would like to speak to a real person face to face, instead of just email, when building my essay. How to do so? 
We are very fortunate to have technology at our disposal. Our team comprises of individuals placed in different geographies, relying on virtual presence tools to communicate effectively. We can hold video chat sessions with you over Skype/FaceTime/Gtalk whenever you feel the need for it. Telephone conversation is always an option too. 

8. How soon should I expect a response after sending inputs? 
Typically we respond in 48 to 72 hours of receiving your inputs. We do our best to respond early, but at times owing to workload and various other factors, responses might be little delayed. At times, you might see responses arriving within 24 hours, again depends upon the workload. We try our best to give you an estimate in the beginning itself, right after you enroll for any of our services. This way you aren’t kept in the dark about whats happening and are able to gauge response times. 

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